Discover predictive models that provide nephrologists the opportunity to transform kidney care.

Key Features

CKD Insights is a technology solution that leverages population health data to inform improved kidney care coordination and transition outcomes.

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Predictive Analytics

The new NCA CKD Transition Risk Model is designed to further enhance a nephrologist’s ability to identify patients who are at high risk of transitioning from chronic kidney disease (CKD) to end stage kidney disease (ESKD). Using certain demographic and lab information, the NCA CKD Transition Risk Model provides nephrology care providers a two and five year probability of transition to ESKD for patients with CKD stage three to five.

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Population and Patient-Level Insights

Document and view status of critical steps recommended to support patients in maintaining kidney function or preparing for renal replacement therapy.

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Clinical Data Integration

Extract the necessary clinical data by connecting Insights to many EHRs.


Integration of these features into a single platform could help nephrologists:

Successful adoption of value-based care requires visibility to your patient population’s overall status to identify and prioritize interventions for specific patients. With Insights, physicians can leverage:

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Extensive experience in developing and deploying predictive models for CKD and ESKD.

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Kidney disease-specific technology solutions to deploy analytics in clinical workflow.

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Predictive analytics built on a database that includes millions of CKD and ESKD patient records.

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Established relationships with health IT market leaders, such as Epic and Cerner, and academic clinicians.

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