Kidney Disease Education Content Subscription Service

Nephrology Care Alliance now offers an online kidney disease education (KDE) resource to help you and your staff inform your patients about their condition.

Robust KDE Content at Your Fingertips

Curated content modules contain compelling visuals with accurate and simple to understand clinical information to engage and inform your patients, about CKD, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, anemia, modalities and transplant.

Each module is designed to promote interaction with your patients and follows the KDE guidelines defined by CMS. You will also receive an educator guide designed to help healthcare professionals communicate complex medical knowledge in a way that patients will find easy to understand.

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KDE content is designed to be easily shared with patients on a computer, tablet or a telehealth platform with screen-sharing capabilities. Watch the below video to see just how simple the KDE content is to administer.

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Education Content

Kidney Disease Education Module 1 Understanding Kidney Disease

Understanding Kidney Disease

What do kidneys do?
How kidneys work?
Causes of CKD
High blood pressure and your kidneys
Diabetes and your kidneys
When kidneys stop working well
Working with your doctor
Kidney Disease Education Module 2 Managing Kidney Disease

Managing Kidney Disease

Taking control of diabetes
Blood sugar
Measuring diabetes
What is blood pressure?
Measuring blood pressure
Taking control of CVD and hypertension
Kidney Disease Education Module 3 When Kidney Disease Gets Worse

When Kidney Disease Gets Worse

How to detect anemia
Treating anemia
Mineral and Bone Disorder
Kidneys activate vitamin D
Kidneys filter extra phosphorous
Parathyroid hormone
Taking control
High potassium
Controlling potassium
Other issues
Fluid overload
Kidney Disease Education Module 4 Choices for Treating Kidney Failure

Choices For Treating Kidney Failure

Kidney transplant
Where transplants come from
Benefits and considerations of transplant
How to get a transplant
Different kinds of dialysis
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)
How it works
Different ways to do PD
Benefits and considerations
Home Hemodialysis (HHD)
How it works
Different ways to do HHD
Benefits and considerations
In-center Hemodialysis (ICHD)
How it works
Benefits and considerations
In-center Nocturnal Hemodialysis (INHD)
How it works
Benefits and considerations
Conservative Care
How it works
Benefits and considerations
Choosing a treatment type
Next steps for choosing treatment

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