Recruitment and Training

Our experienced team can help you find an advanced practitioner for your practice and provide nephrology-specific training opportunities.

Advanced Practitioner Recruiting

25+ Years of Nephrology Recruitment Experience

Many nephrology practices are relying more on advanced practitioners (APs), such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to expand their kidney care teams. APs can help with patient case load, including seeing patients in their practices, the dialysis centers and the hospitals. Nephrology Care Alliance is collaborating with DaVita SOURCE to provide AP recruitment services for nephrology practices.

Two Package Options Based on Your Practice’s Needs

advanced practitioner recruiting gold and platinum packages
* Monthly metrics and reporting upon request

Coming Soon: Advanced Practitioner Training

Nephrology-specific training can help APs learn about:

  • End stage kidney disease and in-center hemodialysis rounding
  • Peritoneal and home dialysis
  • Chronic kidney care and practice visits
  • Hospital rounding

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